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In the Beginning, There Was An Unholy Amount Of Non Profit Filing Fees…..

So, you decide to start a nonprofit and then you start your research into how to do it. Then it looks as if a huge brick wall has been put in front of you in the form of filing fees. “How is a person supposed to change the world and eat at the same time,” you ask while shaking your head.

Yeah, I know….

Let’s face it, the fees that you are required to pay to your state and then to the IRS to even get the necessary paperwork in place, are enough to make you cringe. For some, it is almost the equivalent of a paycheck.

Creating a nonprofit can get a bit expensive here in the U.S. Unfortunately, you are not able to pay them with magic beans and a donkey. Those people want cash and the amount needed from you may cause you to break out in hives

So, what is a slick, savvy, smart little resourceful rascal such as your self-going to do?

You are going to get creative!

Here are three ways I have seen others get their nonprofit filing fees paid and these may work for you as well:

Crowdfunding – This is simple enough. Find a crowdfunding site that you are most comfortable with and tell your story. There are quite a few of these in existence. Just Google “Crowdfunding” and search the results.

Solicit Local Businesses – Seriously. If you have some businesses around you that are related to what you want to do, they may pay for a portion of your filing fees for you. The worst anyone can say is “no.” Rejection is going to be a huge part in your day to day operations anyway so you might as well get used to it now! If I don’t get told to “go play in the traffic,” at least once a week, I take that as a sign that I need to work a bit harder.

Plan A Fundraiser – The ways of doing this can go on and on and on. Get creative! Two ways I have seen this done have been by selling concessions at an event and having a massive yard sale by a few people (future board members) getting together and cleaning out their garages.

There you go my loves! Simple as that.

Anyone that wants to comment and add to what has worked for them, please feel free to do so!

Until next time,

Sarah C.

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PS – A bake sale using items from extreme couponing also works BTW. Just make sure whoever you leave in charge is not overly fond of brownies. The profits can disappear. Till this day, I am still banned from being at the table selling by myself.

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