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On this fine morning, after nursing household members all weekend that all simultaneously decided to come down with the flu, I currently have no quippy opening lines for you.

I’m sorry I am not delivering today. My sarcasm should return soon when my lack of sleep is remedied.
However, I do want to touch down on an important topic that I have been dealing with for a few clients recently.

This pertains to what you need to immediately do right out of the gate when creating your organization (Non Profit or Ethical Business)
In order to raise awareness for your cause.
Get them done ASAP. Here they are and why you need to do them:

Create a website. I know, I get it. Creating a website can be daunting. But in this day and age, when everyone is connected, it is going to be your calling card. There are companies available that have designed very economically priced packages that you can afford. Not to mention they are also user friendly. Sign up, click, drag, and drop. Go for it.

Start A Blog. Some website packages include them. Some do not. If they don’t, don’t fret. There are free ones available such as Word Press. Start blogging to tell your story of where you have been, and where you are going. Link your blog up with your website. This way, you can start raising awareness and getting your brand out there.

Start Using Multiple Social Media Platforms. This in itself is straight up sorcery and will indeed take up a huge chunk of your time. Don’t worry, there is a formula to all of it and I will explain everything in another article. In the meantime, pick two social media platforms and open an account with them. My top two for you would be LinkedIn and Twitter. Then, link those puppies up with your blog and website.

Everyone have a great week;)

Until Next Time,

Sarah C.

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