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Can’t beat this book for being concise and to the point with easy to follow list. If funding a Non-Profit is a need you have.

**Goodreads Review**

Did you just start a nonprofit organization or recently take one over? Are you in dire need of funding in order to achieve your mission? Are you on a very tight budget right now? Then I wrote this eBook for you.
As a non-profit consultant, my track record is close to $1,000,000 raised in the span of 3 years. I also have raised close to 90k in the first year of a nonprofits existence. I can show you how to do this too.
In the past, I have established and assisted new nonprofit organizations all over the U.S. and also served as a peer reviewer for the USDE Office of Innovation and Improvement. I completely understand what is ahead of you and I want you to know that you are not in this alone. This eBook purposely skips all formalities and leaves out the confusing jargon. This was done in order to communicate precisely how you will need to find the funding your organization deserves.
So, do not pay for expensive grant writing seminars or bring a third party in that will take a portion of the funds they procure for you. Read this eBook instead and let me know if you have any questions. Best of luck!

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